About ME

Hello everyone! My name is Vishruti Singh .Currently I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering from SRM University, India. MY hobbies include, obviously, Blogging, Singing and Writing short stories and poems. I wish to be a writer one day not because I need fame or money, but because I crave for satisfaction of doing something which would make me very happy.  For me writing is something I can’t leave for anyone.


I am the only author of this blog. It’s called ‘THE INKPOT- Calligraphy Of The Mind’. THE INKPOT in itelf symbolizes the heart and the ink symbolizes your thoughts, ideas and feelings confined in it. Thus, in real senses THE INKPOT is a way to let the ideas confined within you flow. It means that whatever is stuck inside you eager to come out, you are giving it a way through your words.

Why WordPress?

I’ll be frank about my blogging experience. When I started writing a blog ( originally on blogger by google) I was at times very confused and stuck on a question that what to write now? As I migrated my blog to WordPress many things helped me solve this problem. WordPress is highly beautiful and gives you a complete blogging experience. If you want to improve yourself as a writer, there are daily prompts, weekly photo challenges and weekly discover challenges  on The Daily Post which are quite enough for a daily blogger if he runs out of ideas. They help you connect with other bloggers and read their content which in turn also improves your page stats in every way.  You get new ideas on how to improve your blogs appearance, how to use the pages more wisely, how to add an effective tag or category or hyperlink and much more. WordPress is the best blogging platform which offers you a ton in free.


Special thanks to Mr. Vibhav Chaturvedy for designing the header image for my blog.


This is a personal blog and is not intended to hurt anyone on sentimental, religious or cultural bases. The content does not have any relation to someone alive or dead. It reflects the personal opinions and ideas on a topic, product or quote and is not a symbolic of mass review. This blog says no to plagiarism and if anyone’s content is used, proper credits and hyperlinks will be provided.