In the last hour of 2017!

In this last hour of 2017, I remember a great line said by Amitabh Bacchan sir in an interview :

(Hindi) मन का हो तो अच्छा, ना हो तो और अच्छा |

‘If it’s according to your will, it’s fine but if it doesn’t, it’s better’ because if it’s not happening according to your will it’s happening according to someone else’s will, some divine force who will never think ill about you.

Every year, I wrote an article about what I learnt in the previous year to make the next one, a better one. This year, I just learnt one thing that all this planning and plotting, it’s all futile. So, let’s not anticipate something great from 2018. Let’s not try making it great. Instead let’s make it normal. In all these years, in order to achieve the greater, we all lost the ‘normal’ within us. We lost our ’empathy’ and ‘peace’ just to fit in.

And at the end I became someone I hated the most.

Yes! I am a misfit and I don’t even want to fit in now. I’m weird, I’m awkward, I can love and hate you at the same time that too with the same intensity. I am this moody, heart driven person whom you can never predict. I am afraid at times, of the past, of the future and I’m clueless about how not to be. But still I will carry on, I will live and this time I’ll live without any plan. I want to leave everything to that divine force and to my intuition.

So, here I am giving you the smallest advice anyone will give you for 2018. I don’t know about how to deal with this life, with people but finally I’ve figured out the topmost priority level of the human existence. A two point checklist to tell if your life is fine : Health and Mental fitness. That’s it!

Wishing you all a very happy 2018!

Everyone exactly knew what they wanted to become when they were kids.

To old beginnings… 🙂


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