Naked Love.

I was too young to know what love is, when I first met you. But of all decisions I ever made, falling for you head over heals is my favorite. At the age of thirteen, when kids have trouble deciding the flavor of their lollipop, I chose you! And today when I look back, I am dazzled.

I somehow knew that you are the one. I knew that being with you would make me feel complete. I knew that I just can’t afford to let you slip off my hands. I was just a kid – a kid who took a life changing decision and never regretted it – and it’s the only fact which gives me goosebumps.

Eight years of togetherness is beautiful, but is also a lot to remember. But in every detail I remember from my life, I encounter you. I remember a couple of moments of us. We used to chat and giggle in our classroom or beat up each other. Our eyes used to randomly collide just to exchange a short ‘I love you’ between the lecture and then get apart with a smile. What all I recall proficiently are those eyes. Other details are just a blur. Sometimes we fought and met each other will teary swollen eyes and then a simple touch of hand; here goes down the glacier!

Fantasia Painting(2)

Your slightest glimpse still gives me those butterflies. Yes! even after silly six years of this love and notorious nine years of this friendship, I am confined to silence when I see you. I’m twenty-one now and I still don’t actually know what love is. But what I feel for you, I know that!

It’s a thing I could never feel for anyone. People came and went but this exact feeling never replicated. It’s more than love. It’s compassion, empathy, friendship, partnership and what not. I fail everytime I want to tell you how much I love you. Maybe that’s why I am so bad at love letters. I may be a little bit of writer, but nobody in this world can sum up these eight years in a piece of paper.

Everything I may write would need a little pomp and show but what we share between us, it’s far from a title or a tag. It’s pure and naked.

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