On a beach walk

She writes beautifully ❤

And It So Happened....

It was a beauteous evening.

As the sun sank, the light drowned with it. The sky got painted in reddish orange.

Air became cooler and there was a tranquil expression on the face of the people lying there.

As I walk along the beach, with sand beneath my toes, I got lost in my reposeful world.

The vast, seemingly empty sky stretched out for infinity.

The sea wasn’t a jewel blue. But it was delightful. I could hear the opera of the sea, soothing me to the core. As the sea washed over me, I got away from the stresses of life.

A place of peace and serenity

Something there was,

Something more immortal than the god.

Something more fascinating even than the stars.

I wish I could cage this time.

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