Interview At Sunshine Blogger Award

I nominated him for the Sunshine Blogger Award and here is what he answered. 🙂


So after a long, I got an email to fill up the answers for an interview for Sunshine Blogger Award. 

Before running towards some interesting Q/A, First of all, I will thank Vishruti for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out great content on her blog named The Inkpot.

sunshineblogger.pngHere are my answers to the questions- 

1.If you had the opportunity to meet your favorite star, who’d that be and what ‘one’ question will you ask him/her?

I will meet Shah Rukh Khan, of course. The only thing I would love to take an advice from him is How? How you manage to conquer, and the most important thing I will ask from my side is the way he understands the priority of work as well as the family. He is a great spirit. I really don’t know much about his life as I am a fan in…

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