A magnet called social media.

People say this ,”We are addicted to social media.” But knowing it and realizing it are quite different things. And recently I realised that how badly this social media is deteriorating the quality of our lives. Everyone is becoming a slave to ‘Instagram stories’, ‘Facebook check-ins’ and ‘WhatsApp status’.

I hope this has happened, and daily happens to everyone but none speak it out loud so here am I, breaking this ice. Here I am confessing about my bitter sweet experiences regarding social media.

I am so irritated with social media now-a-days. I personally felt these instagram stories and watsapp status very demoralizing. I’ll explain how. Imagine a situation; It’s evening and I am tinkering in my room. The whole day what I did was to eat, sleep and watch a movie and still I am fine with the way it went. I feel ok! (remember this sentence). But then I pick up my phone. Boredom encourages me to swipe through the unseen status and stories. I find my friend checked into a movie theatre with so and so people. I swipe further and see some random people posting random selfies with friends, family, pets, kids and all sort of stuff. Till now I am ok! But now a sense of disappointment has started to foster. I swipe even further. Oh wow! She is on a trip to Kashmir and he is chilling his ass out in Goa. I click my tongue in remorse.

On swiping further I find some really amusing but heartbreaking pics, like “This pizza is delicious”, “walking barefoot on grass is bliss”, “Eating salad because I’m a heath freak” and much more. I feel, “I ordered a KFC Zinger burger today and ate it without clicking a selfie. It’s in my stomach now and all I can do is to poop it out. Will this world accept me?”

I swipe further and find some girls clicking random pics with their boyfriends and I grow angry at once. I pick up my phone and text mine’s immediately saying “Watch her status, they guys go daily somewhere and she too and she too, why don’t you take me anywhere.” He replies about how busy he is and how he will make it upto me but I’m furious, “Everyone has time for their partners. Don’t they have work? Don’t they have family?” and then the whole argument takes the shape of a fight. I start feeling so bad.

Further I swipe, and find people doing everything which you can think of. After half an hour of this ‘swiping’ I feel like shit. I wasted my day. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t buy a new dress. I didn’t eat from McDonalds or Dominos. Everyone is flocking to the new ‘BBQ nation’ in town but I stayed at home. MY LIFE IS MEANINGLESS, I AM THE SADDEST PERSON AND I SHOULD DO SOMETHING WORTH ‘UPDATING’.

Next day, exactly as planned I go for shopping, I eat some burgers and pizza, I meet my boyfriend (who firstly begged me sorry because he is not able to take me out like other guys) and then I feel so happy after updating all that stuff somewhere. And thus, the wheel continues. Someone else after watching my status would think about my life being a bliss and feel pathetic. And it goes on!


So, through this long dramatic scenario, I just wanted to pinpoint the extent to which the social media is effecting us. That transition from I am OK to I feel pathetic and meaningless is what’s driving people crazy. Nobody here is living on a bed of roses, but this pretension is what’s contagious. There is a subconscious pressure of updating the world with anything you do, may it be a meal or a trip. And it’s nothing like if I am writing this post, I don’t update stuff with #instafood or check into random malls. I do! I do all of it and maybe doing and overdoing it has made me question the psychology behind it. People no longer want to smell flowers and relish morsels. The urge to click a pic is as strong as hunger, you just can’t ignore it. It gives a pseudo pleasure of “being seen doing such cool stuff”. You feel like a magnet because you attract people for a while and you get mass feedback. You feel happy and then, one bad comment and all goes in vain. So basically what everyone is seeking for is ‘attention’ and ‘appreciation’.

On the other hand, nobody updates stuff which they know nobody would like. Like this post. It actually took a little courage to write all this because I am literally telling that how happy you may see me on my social platforms, my life isn’t what I portray. I tell you when I go out with my friends but I never tell you when I cry in the dark. And I suppose this is how all lives are going right? So why to be wrapped in an illusion of being on cloud 9?

Let’s do this guys! Let’s break the ice! Let’s talk it out about our lives on social media without pretension. Let’s be honest now.



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6 thoughts on “A magnet called social media.

  1. People just capture the moment than enjoy them! It’s become a drug to them. It’s like that they couldn’t at all live without the social platforms sharing unwanted stuffs!

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  2. I post everyday on facebook, but nobody ever bothers to read anything that I write and basically I really do not care. I know that I am different band that I do things my way and most of the things that I see posted by my few ‘FRIENDS’ seem irrelevant to me. I don’t like to read about other people’s adorable children or where they went and see the pictures that they took. I should probably just delete my account, but I am drawn there like a magnet, so I write things that nobody else cares about.

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