Brown Parents in the next 20 years

Ever wondered how beautiful India may become in the next 20 years? Specially, with respect to children. When I think of that I really envy them.

In the next 20 years, India will have such cool parents.
Parents who aren’t before M.B.B.S. or Engineering.
Parents who would consider options like photography, travel blogging, writing, startups as real time career plans.
Parents who will sit with their kids to watch Marvel movies.
Parents who’d have huge tattoos on their back and who’d love singing rap music.
Most of them would be night owls.
Some would pack their bags every Sunday and go to trekking.
There would be mothers with colored hairs, maybe bald too.
And then there would be fathers who are gym freaks or flawless drummers or guitarists or photographers.
Parents would speak up words like ‘sex’, ‘penis’,’vagina’, ‘boobs’, ‘periods’ and ‘bra’ in open without considering it a taboo.
Parents who’d meet their kid’s girlfriends and boyfriends, maybe multiple of them.
Parents who’d help their children get over a breakup.
Parents who allow girls to party at night and marry anyone they love despite of his caste, religion or financial status.
Some girls would marry girls and some boys would commit to boys and those parents will accept it.
Mental illness and depression would be taken seriously and not be mocked around.
Parent’s who’d know that it’s ok to fail sometimes.
and much more if we think about…


What a peaceful, supportive and confident world would it be for many Tendulkars, Einsteins, Mangeshkars and Premchands to come.

To anyone who is reading this, do comment and tell what’s your idea of your country after 20 years when our Generation would be parenting.

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