‘Create’ is an illusion!

Words like ‘create‘ and ‘destroy’ mostly puzzle me. Either it’s science or religion, these words are nothing more than a hollow for in my perspective they hold lesser meanings, materialistically.

According to law of conservation of energy ‘Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can be only changed from one form to another.’

Similarly, Gita- a very integral hindu mythological book- states that ‘Soul is immortal. It moves from body to body and finally attains moksha or peace.’

Then what is this ‘creation’ and ‘destruction’ ? An illusion of mind? In my perspective, true ‘creation point’ of anything is unknown.

Do you know how the universe began? Do you know how life started?

You’d say “I don’t know but I know how babies get created! I know how plastic and steel and everything is created! I know a lot of stuff.” And then I’ll contradict you by saying “Ok fine! I know a boy and a girl hook up and voila they get a baby. But what’s he made of? Cells right? And where does he get his cells from? His mother. And does his mother produced those cells? No. Her body just multiplied the cells. The pre-existing cells make new cells. And his mother got her cells from her mother and back and back and back. So now, do you know how the first ever cell was created?”

And I bet you’d nod back saying “no”.

So, what is this ‘create’? Maybe, just another word.

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