Growing on!

The other day, while standing on my terrace and gazing at roughly empty lanes through the dusk, I saw this sweet girl standing on the diagonally opposite terrace.

Suddenly, I was reminded of her when she was just a kid of 4 or 5. She used to cry bitterly over trifles. Sometimes I used to teach her what ‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’ sound like. She was so fond of me and so was I of her.

She was a paragon of beauty now. I was lost in my memory lane when she broke the cascade of my thoughts by waving at somebody. I saw in that direction and found a guy on motorbike. She was a big girl now, maybe 15 or 17 years old. At first I thought that guy to be her boyfriend. I looked closely.

Strikingly, he was her younger brother. I was amazed to see that little kid growing old enough to ride a bike. He wasn’t able to walk by himself, spoiled the sheets by peeing all over and drank only milk when I cradled him in my arms. My eyes followed him till he was out of sight.

In amusement, what all I said to myself was, “Hah! I still fit in my old clothes which gives me an illusion that I’m not growing up, but I am. I am no more a teen, a girl or an adolescent.”

And to be true, that realization was a little heartbreaking.

Posting via Daily Prompt: Paragon


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