Things I wanna write

Gazing at this laptop screen everyday I think about writing something. What’s it gonna be? A story? An excerpt? An anecdote? And I am reduced to nothing but silence. I want to write a story which hits you on your nerve. I don’t want to write anything extraordinary. I want to write something which makes you feel as if I stepped in your shoe. I want to be like a smile of satisfaction on your face of ‘Oh! Finally someone said it.’ I don’t want to broaden my thinking to distant skies and stars. I want to taper it down to your perplexity of mind and heart. In this one lifetime, what all I crave is to live a thousand lives by thinking what all of you think and by feeling what all of you feel. I don’t want to pen down a mind boggling story. What all I want to be extremely ordinary for in my perspective being ordinary is extraordinary.

Posting via Daily Prompt: Taper


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