Diary of a boy: Planned luck!

“I had never fallen in love in my existence of 22 years. Liking a girl or two while they crossed my path is fine, but I’ve never been in a kind of love that consumed me; that made me re-live my happiness over and over again. I often wondered about the kind of girl that would allure me, make me passionate about the way I looked at this world.

Some day I used to emphasize on her imaginary little details, like the mole on her back or her long nails painted in red and some day I saw her eloquent eyes talking to me in my thoughts as I dozed off to sleep. I knew the color of her eyes, I knew the bracelet on her sleeve but I could never picture her as a whole. There was always a blur as I tried reconnecting those scattered dots. But somewhere I knew that the day I’d see those nails or those eyes for real, my heart would tell me,”There she is!”

And then one bleak winter morning, when everything seemed chilly and foggy I saw a girl providing shelter to a stray dog. It made me smile. I went to her in utmost casual manner and tapped her shoulder. With an air of patience she turned to me as she placed her beautiful brownish locks behind her ear. My eyes got wrapped around her ethnic danglers which got exposed. I have never seen them in my thoughts. For no reason I started searching for her fingers and wished them to be painted in red. To my disappointment, her finger nails were chapped. I searched for that bracelet. It was nowhere to be found.

And then I looked at her, those eyes! I never imagined those hazel eyes, but they felt acquainted. They were eloquent and my heart started to throb, harder and harder as I looked deeper in her eyes. My heart’s voice was about to echo and she interrupted it by turning around and walking back with a sullen face. “How could I let her go?” My soul spoke.

I paced a little and joined her. “Sorry I was just lost somewhere” apologized I for my cynical behavior. “It’s fine” said she with a little curve on her face. I smiled idiotically. “Actually……….” and the conversation continued. My heart was laughing at me. All my dreams of red nails and blue eyes were shattered only to see something better than that. That day I knew what is love; love that consumes you. A love which is a planned luck!”

-Diary Of a Boy.

Posting via Daily Prompt: Luck


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