Self love vs. selfless love!

Is it possible to love someone more than your own self? Forget about all the fancy literature they wrote and words wrapped in honey they quoted. Can there actually be anyone in this world who would love you ‘literally’ more than their life? I have always pondered on this. It is our instinct to be defensive, to care for ourselves more than anyone. We are programmed that way. Can it actually change for anyone?

Earlier I thought that being in love makes you selfless. It changes you into an idol of righteousness but gradually I found it to be nothing but a self-proclamation of superiority. I found that once in love, you focus on your feelings more. “Oh! I am feeling so happy” “Today you made me sad” “You hurt me everytime” and finally relationships end in order to fulfill our inner needs.

Do you know the most amusing thing about those self proclaimed selfless souls? (a little bit of alliteration always works :P) ya ! so do you know one major aspect of them? They want you to know that they are selfless! They want you to speak or what we can say as publicize the same. They want the world to know it. Isn’t it alot selfish?

I am a freshman in the school of adulthood and is starting to unravel this adventure called life. Obviously, I am still not a parent. Not even married! And there is this one role which I want to play in order to answer this question in the most correct manner. That role is of a ‘Mother’. I have my mom and I can see emotions in her eyes the way she looks at me and those are like immensely real. If there is anything left on whom I can put a tag of selflessness, that’s a mother. And I hope this expectations of mine aren’t gone in vain once I become one.

“It’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you.”
-Damon Salvatore (the vampire diaries)

I am sorry Damon, but I’ve to disagree with you at this point. Everyone is selfish, everyone sees their own needs before anyone. And I, in my life, has never found a single soul (except mom obviously) who can say that I can love you more than my own self. So the next time anyone says the same to you, laugh it off!

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