The Trip (Part 1): I realised!

They say trips change you in ways unbelievable. I never believed on them but then, this happened. A dream trip. Nothing fancy, nothing great but best in it’s own sweet and simple ways. It was a dream destination for aspirants like us who wanted to study in that college but sadly couldn’t. We were in IIT Kharagpur!

Zenith of excellence!

Firstly I was a little afraid and speculative on how this trip would go. I at times thought to opt out but then my heart rose up and said a little thing to me, “Vish, either this can be a disaster of a lifetime or a event of a lifetime. And the only way to find out is to go. Just take whatever risk you feel and go.” I followed my heart and decided to go in the etesian fest Kshitij from 27th to 29th January.

Difficult is tough but easy is tougher.

I had a very simple query; would I enjoy there? Would I feel happy? I had a train on 26th morning and was returning on 31th. For the first time I was traveling 1500kms. Those 1500kms taught me the best lesson of my life. They gave me all my answers.

I realised that being happy is a choice. You can’t be merry until you believe you can be. If nobody is amusing you, then maybe it’s your turn to start the giggle. There is only one person in this whole world who can make you truly happy. It’s you.

I realised that there is a difference between solitude and loneliness and you just need to grasp that fine line. Don’t sulk in your choices, adore them.

I realised that risks are important because they shape you in ways outrageous. They make you bold, proud and confident. They tell you that somethings are worth risking for.

I realised that nobody is too old or too broken to make new friends. Life punishes us so hard that at times we forget that there is more to us. We forget the fun we used to be. Then arrive those people we call friends, to sing our songs back to us. This trip not only rekindled the old relationships but also allowed me to find my spark back in a new friend and each and every thing those moments gave me, I’d cherish it for a long time.

This post is dedicated to all those 7 people who went with me to this amazing journey, who laughed with me, drank with me, roamed with me in cool nights and made me live the best journey of my 20 years of life! Cheers guys. Thank you!

‘The Trip (Part 2): The Tikka’

…coming soon.


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