The selfless Nature!

It’s highly impossible to remain motivated for a long time if nobody praises you. Agree? I wonder how can nature remain so selfless and motivated all the time. See all around you. For little things we praise people but two things we never feel worthy for ovations are ‘our own self’ and ‘nature’. We never applaud the most basic things necessary for survival yet there they are, working since the beginning of eternity without fail!


Just sit in a park and observe! Observe the way you breathe in and out. Observe the way your feet kiss the grass. Relish each morsel of the fruit you eat. Nobody thanked that little orange ever, but still it never failed at being sour and sweet both at the same and bearing slices. It’s still the same as ever. We read a dozens of bestsellers and articles on ‘how to stay motivated’ but the answer is out in the nature. Every part of the nature tries to balance each other, tries to hold each other without any expectation, favor or even a little ovation. You will feel all of that imbibing into you as soon as you feel oneness with nature. Sandeep Maheshwari, a very prolific motivational speaker says,

“The man who can’t love nature won’t be able to love anybody ever, because if he isn’t able to connect with something which never offers any hindrance, then he will never be able to connect to any soul of this universe. Nature, God and Man all are the same and it’s reflected in it’s fullest form when the man is in nature and nature finds it’s way into a man.”

Feel the oneness and ovate them! They deserve it!


Posting via Daily Prompt: Ovation


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