Expectations are a way to misery my friend! They never lead you to comfort but to rage. It’s like your soul is set on fire. Expecting people to understand you? make your happy? return a little of love and time you’ve wasted on them? Pal, you’re so doomed. Because let me tell the most bitter truth I’ve piled up, your sadness ends the day your expectations end from the outer end and start from the inner end.

There used to be days when I wanted to count people for my happiness or pleasure as I would like to call it. It was, when somebody told me how important I am to them, when they said that they’re lucky because i have their back, when they bestowed me with pride of being able to share sensitive stuff with me. But those moments, those times, they’re all short lived. Expecting somebody to make you happy because you made them is similar like rowing the boat till boat asks for a favor. And what happens next? They sink.

Expectations are overrated and pointless. If it holds some importance, it’s only when you make them to be your personal attribute. Expect yourself not to expect. Expect yourself o discover your strengths. Expect yourself not to be a parasite, not to be too happy when someone stays and not to be too sad when someone goes. Expect yourself doing the necessary if you want to safeguard your soul. Sometimes, principles are self consuming. Sometimes, the darker side of you is the better version of you.

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