Boys or girls: Who carries forward the name?

Ever since I’ve known about this society, specifically the Indian society, what I’ve observed is that it is dominated by males. A family wishes for a baby boy rather than a girl. Boys are endowed with plenty of endless liberty while girls are taught not to take undue advantage of it. And all of this is to serve a greater good – that boys carry forward the name of their family! They pass on a stupid surname to their children which is a so called big deal. Earlier I had no point of debating on this notion because superficially it looked simple. A girl marries a man, adopts his surname, bears children and viola! the name is saved. It was flawless until this happened.

A thought out of nowhere started buzzing me, is it really that surname which gets passed? And I was so filled with enthusiasm when I found out the real truth. A girl marries someone and adopts their name and one day she bears a child. That child before seeing any god or demon, sees a blood filled sack- her mother’s womb. The child is born and bought up all in a fashion in which it’s mother wants it to be. If it’s a boy, he dreams of marrying someone who’d be as good and caring as his mom. If it’s a girl, she just want to do everything for her family-when she has one- that her mom used to do.  Any surname, may it be royal or slutty, won’t make any difference until there is a person to hold it. And the real identity of people isn’t  in what they are called by or what they wear and smell like. It’s the way  they show their kindness, compassion and forgiveness to others.

What wonderful creatures of nature women are! Doing everything without taking the slightest credit in return. Behind every surname which a man owns, it’s respect is upheld by a women.

Posting via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm


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