The Missing Keys: A love story

“I haven’t seen you since two days. I don’t know where you are but I just want you to hand over my missing scooty keys to me again with that beautiful smile of yours. I wish to see you back soon. I don’t know what is it, but I know it is there and it is for real.”

Wrote Andrea in her journal and closed it. Night was growing dark and her eyes were as heavy as lead. She dozed off soon.


Andrea was a jubilant soul of twenty who loved going into libraries and having her nose stuck deep in books. It was a sunny morning when she was sitting in the library sipping coffee and reading John Green’s famous ‘The fault in our stars’. Suddenly, she sprang up and shouted to herself “Oh! not again” and rushed outside. She had misplaced her scooty keys.

“Where are my keys if the scooty is here! I forget it every single time.”

“Excuse me! are these yours?” said a face.

“Oh yeah! these surely are. Thank you. You are?”

“Stefan. And you?”

“I’m Andrea. Nice meeting you. Can I thank you with a coffee?”

“Actually, we can have free coffee because I own this place.”

“Come on Stefan! Seriously! Are you such an avid reader than you finally started a library?”

“Yes. I’m. So, shall we?”

“After you!”

The next day again, history repeated itself. Andrea forgot her keys, rushed out and saw Stefan with it. That night she wrote :

“Yesterday I met with a guy. His name is Stefan, or the missing key finder as I’d prefer to call him. He is cute, is a great reader and has the most beautiful green eyes I ever came across. I don’t have his number by now, I know it’s my bad. Actually I am doing it the old school way, that’s pathetic of me. But it’s way more real.”


The next morning, Andrea deliberately left her keys. She was eagerly waiting for Stefan to show up with his beautiful smile along with the keys. The whole day she waited but he did not come. Saddened damsel went to home, took out her journal and wrote:

“I should not have tried the old school way. Today I did not see Stefan and to be true, it felt pathetic. I don’t know if I should be feeling like this right now but something inside me always says that he isn’t like every other guy I’ve crossed paths with. I ain’t attracted, I am not in love but all I want to be with him. He is like a parcel of mystery to me. All I want to do is to unwrap it. Stefan, please show up tomorrow. Please!”

The following morning was a bit different. Andrea’s heart was beating faster than the usual. She took fifteen minutes in deciding her lipstick shade. She did her hair and redid them. She painted her toenails and rushed to the library. Again she left her keys deliberately and eagerly waited for Stefan to approach. Every minute seemed like a decade. The day passed and he did not come. The library workers too did not know about his disappearance.

Two days have passed in his absence. She dragged herself to the library. She didn’t wear something adorable or dress up well. She felt nauseous at the fact that maybe Stefan is gone forever and she may never know what encouraged it. She sat down and was constantly gazing at a point when she felt something. She stood up at once and went outside to find her keys are missing from where she left them. She beamed a little. She turned and found Stefan right infront of her. Without saying a word, she just grabbed him and cried in happiness “Thank god you came back. I thought I’ve lost you forever.”

Regaining her composure, she tore herself from him. They went inside, had coffee and read like usual. But there was something unsual in the air. It was magic. It was a sensation of belonging somewhere. It was a feeling of getting back something. Finally, Andrea had her moment. She had her parcel of mystery with her to be unveiled and unfolded. That air had a new feeling, a feeling called Love!

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