My life is treasured in those yellow pages!

Probably this is the first time I’m talking so openly about my journals. Till today they were under the shadows. Only a handful of people knew about them, but when it came to treasure, I’ll admit that yes! my life journals are the biggest treasure I have.

Born and bought up as a single child to busy parents, I never knew what ‘sharing’ felt like. I was way too possessive or territorial as I’d prefer, about everything I had. I was given all I could have asked for, but somewhere sometime, while I was in that typical phase of what we say ‘Growing Up’, I felt alone. I had this great tsunami of emotions building up inside me. They were a medley of a totally new kind of happiness, zeal, empathy, grief, anger and almost anything what you can think of; normal to a kid who was just about to enter her teens. My mom used to come home after 6 in the evening and we never got alot of time to interact. Some days I just wanted to pour my heart out and we went short of time. The worst part was that she’s extremely sweet and understanding and I knew she can bear me but a real conversation rarely happened..

As I can recollect it was back in 2008 when I met a boy and a new cascade of feelings took over me. He was cute, he made me laugh and he made my world go round him. I was barely 12. I had no clue about what is going on! I had some really good friends but I was always hesitant in opening up myself. As a result I finally started writing whatever I felt. Gradually, it wasn’t just about him, it was about every thought that flashed or hovered my mind, and suddenly it felt like I’ve found something I can count upon. I’ve found a faithful listener, a best friend. Since that day, I never had my pens down.

Even in this era of Evernote, I like sticking upon that basic pen and paper. I am addicted to what yellow pages smell like!  It has almost been 9 years since I’ve been writing and not even for a day, for a minute or a second I’ve found them a burden or a have-to-do thing.

They are my true treasures for they have captured for me the invincible, the fourth dimension, TIME. They can take me back into time. They can make me re-feel all those when I fell in love for the first time, or when I fought with friends, or when I completed my school and danced like insane on farewell party. They make me re-live moments. This is one such treasure which rather that being expensive is totally priceless!

Edited in Lumia Selfie
My recent one! and these books are nothing but dramatic effect 😛

Dear diary, I love you and I’m really thankful to you for being there all the time.

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