Protest : An anecdote.

I remember that day very well. Students wore black. What college saw were not ordinary college going kids, they were fierce adults who knew how to protest for their rights!

It was September 22, news of the sudden demise of a fellow college-mate spread like fire. He was a in-campus hostler. His cause of death was dengue but he died due to the negligence of our college administration. It could have been any of us. Had our college been well equipped with medical facilities and good doctors, he could have been saved. Nobody was able to bear with this injustice and ignorance. The result was a big PROTEST. Late night, college witnessed mobs of students trying to get into the main building. It started with hundred and went upto thousands. Window panes, buses, posters, flags and almost everything was damaged.

The next morning, whole of the college gathered in order to talk with the director about their problems. It felt like what they say is real. People need a blast if they behave like deaf. There was a list of never ending problems which went to the director. Problems included food quality, hygiene parameters, medical facilities, provision of doctors, approval of medical certificate as a compensation of attendance and much more. And the result of all this was that there was a change. Though not very big, but still there was. A medical room was built. Pest control was started on weekly or fortnight bases.

That time made me realise the power of unity, the power of raising up voice against wrong.

The word in itself is negative but it leads to something very positive. It was the power of protest!

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