Everything about 2016 in the count of three!


I’m not here to write those 10 amazing things or 15 or 20 or something like that which 2016 taught me. I won’t write anything which people say is true and so it is. This time I want to stick upon strictly those three things or feelings more accurately which 2016 made me realise.


ONE. Never be a mealymouthed person. I repeat never. Discover the power of NO. Negate things which you feel are worth negating and accept your flaws exuberantly. There are times when you just wanna say NO for something, big or small, but since there is a crony whom you never wish to deny, you tend to do that thing.  I’ve been doing this stuff for long and it was now that I realised that it’s never worth it. It’s never worth choosing somebody else comfort above yours. Be frank with whatever you speak because it may hurt them now and it may seem that you are being a selfish prick but trust me it will help later. I always did things because I wanted to save a specific relation from drowning, but a time came when my compromising attitude was mistook for my nature. That was the time I vented myself out and the result was me being accused of never saying it before. I lost that person forever. I just stood there watching my empire being turned to ashes. What I regret is had I looked upon myself before them, I’d never have lost them. They would have stayed, if not completely still partially, but they’d have existed for me which is much better than not existing at all.

“Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.”
-Robert Downey Jr.

TWO. Be social but never be a parasite. Have a life! Meet new people, hangout with them, spend days worth remembering and when they are over, just move on. Never depend on anyone for anything. Nobody is meant to stay forever and trust me if they do, they’ll never stay the same forever. People change and that’s not wrong. Change symbolizes growth. Thus, never depend on somebody for your happiness and never give them a chance to be a reason for your grief. Thank the people for whatever they gave you while they stayed. Never hate anybody for the wrong they did for it contributed in your growth. And never regret that you changed. NEVER. You might feel like the good in you has evaporated but trust me, the better is still inside!

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”
– John Green(The fault in our stars)

THREE. Everybody says that people come and go, and only some stay forever. But what I tell you is, even among those there would be just a single person whose forever matches yours. Be extremely wise in how you chose people and to what extend you open yourself up. Let me tell you one of the most bitter truth of this world. Human brain is designed to use somebody’s weakness against them. Never tell your weaknesses to anyone no matter how dear they are. Sooner or later, they’re going to use it against you and that is SURE. Even parents use it against children when they say that if you do any mischief I’ll lock you in a dark room. They know kids fear dark. Same works for us.

“Nobody spills my secrets, because nobody knows them all.”
-Nick Fury (director S.H.I.E.L.D)

These were my most important One, Two, Three for the year 2016. I hope they help you somewhere sometimes. And whenever things go bad just remember a single line

“Things are bad. And they are so bad that they can’t go worse. Now is the time for them to get better.”

It’ll help!

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