The Paradox

They win and we lose. This may seem paradoxical but it happens. It’s a paradox which each one of us have felt somewhere sometimes. The feeling that our own self defeated us.There is never a monster under the bed. It exists in your head. They make you weak, precisely disoriented. They construct a shell around you which is impervious to outer positivity. You are stuck in there like a cucoon of growing desolation. It follows your trail. And you at every point of time, feel defeated by them. And that’s when you realise how badly you stabbing yourself in the heart. It’s then when you feel the real demons echoing inside your head and real devils hovering around you. That’s the worst kind of fear, the fear of your own self.

“We start with something pure, something exciting and then comes the mistake the compromises. We create our own demons.”

-Tony Stark a.k.a. Ironman (Ironman 3)

Posting via Daily Prompt: Construct


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