The power of “NO”

…and my dear, you have to learn to say NO without explaining yourself.

People think ‘yes’ is powerful for it is so optimistic, constructive and filled with new hopes and horizons. ‘No’ is seen as something dark. It is associated with disapprovals, failures. ‘Yes’ in itself is entitled to be powerful enough to change things and ‘no’, well! It’s nothing more than an antonym. But stop, sit back and think, does ‘yes’ has any meaning if no never existed?
Close your eyes, flip the yellow pages of your life and think about the last time you spoke ‘no’ to safeguard your respect, your soul. Got that smile? That’s the power of ‘NO’!

A NO in time, saves nine!

It’s amusing but true that we tend to speak yes much faster than no. People feel so proud and happy in speaking a YES! But same people feel that they’d be judged upon their NO. Speaking no is seen as a potential crime. People go for yes because it is the easiest thing to speak and rarely causes trouble. Who’d be mad if you are in accord with them!
In this whole world, people prefer phrases like ‘YES SIR’, ‘SURE SIR’, ‘DEFINETLY’ and ‘CERTAINLY’ but people saying ‘NO SIR’, CAN’T, WON’T aren’t preferred for they are rude straightforward and rebellious.
So my dear, you’ve been wrong all your life! YES is what people want to see you in and you wear it for their sake but NO is when you stand naked before them and declare your identity. You tell them that you are born like this and can’t compromise. NO has a backbone. It is powerful enough to stand alone,to walk alone. It is being in your own shoes and facing all the consequence’s.

So the next time you are stuck up and your heart wants to say NO, do not look to your left or right. Look right inside and say NO!


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