Life happens!

It’s funny! It’s painful and humiliating from the inside but funny from the outside.The way life happens; the way it molds itself. Some day you tend to sit next to him planning what November would look like on his birthday. You’d imagine the look on his face every now and then when you’ll send him a bouquet on his birthday. And the next day you wake up to find that it’s no longer happening the same. You see him move past you like a random guy. You avoid those absurd eye contacts. Your heart feels all shattered and ripped when you see him. It hurts like a rotten tooth. But still all you can do is to wear a smile and walk away.


It’s tough! It’s tough to restrict your heart to do what it likes. It’s hard to fight back when his memories attack you, engulf you and kill you from the inside. It’s tiring to fight back the nausea when you wake up in the middle  of the night because of those dreams of him with all his essence and mannerism. You curse ‘the beginning’  because it was ‘the beginning of the end’. It’s easy to forget someone when he’s gone but it’s absolutely impossible to fight that part of him within yourself. It turns you brittle; Hard enough to resist, Soft enough to crumble

Photo credits: official page of wordporn(facebook)



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