“THOSE” by Yashi Singh

What’s better than presenting your sister’s work on your blog.
This is a heart rendering poem by my bestie Yashi Singh titled “THOSE”.

They keep asking her
Aren’t you perturbed of “THOSE” protesting faces?
How your failures doesn’t kill you inside?
How this aridity keeps your life in ride?
She tells them with that wide smile
Every morning when I wake up to wash my face
I see scars which they can’t see.
I see the bruises which aren’t perceive.
It’s the innuendo to all my flights
Which pushed me into this limelight.
Oh, Dear “THOSE” don’t bother me please,
My failures are my strength, you have already seen.
“Aridity” well that’s doleful, it’s a “DRUG” you haven’t yet found.
Sometimes you need to heal your wounds.
So, if the next morning you go to clean your beautiful face and see that scar
Tell yourself you owe that one and won’t get them waste.
Let “THOSE” see you about to win a race.

by Yashi Singh.



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