She was in love… this time with herself!


She ended it up. Everyone thought it to be a cakewalk for her. Others considered it as a great loss. Most remained indifferent for she always looked happy. She was rarely spotted crying. She met new people with a greater enthusiasm, chatted and giggled with them. She dressed her best everyday and relished every morsel. She was happy as never.

But only she knew about the chaos going inside. She was at war. A battle was being fought between her love for herself and her love for him.

She cried every night knowing that she’d never be able to love anyone as furiously as him. She knew the pain of moving on still madly in love. She still smiled at his sight. Her heart still skipped a beat. He was ‘HER’ choice afterall. Her best choice. Her only choice. She was trying to hate all of it. She couldn’t deny that she was still stuck in his love. Yes, she still loved him! No, she no more wanted him back.

She knew it took her two long years to ‘just end it at a go’. She knew her love was gold but it took her years to judge that her respect was diamond, her tears were pearls and her happiness was platinum.

She was tired. Tired of the game of trying and losing. Tired of trying to save it. She sacrificed her everything on a relationship in which she was taken for granted. She gave it her best shot, her 100%, all her heart and soul, but she still failed. It was painful for her to see her empire crumple in front of her eyes. It was all because, she committed a mistake! She placed her love above her self respect. In the quest of gaining him, she lost her own self. And then she realised it being the GREATEST loss. She saw it all going in vain.

She couldn’t sacrifice more, couldn’t cry more, couldn’t die more. So she decided to live, LIVE FOR HERSELF! She chose to be the man she always wanted. She was sometimes complimented as ‘selfish’ which she accepted with a smile.

Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and realise what you deserve.

Inspired from a true story.


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