Love? Never.

*Content copied from facebook*
Credits: Vanshita Singh (The anonymous writer)

Love? No, never again. Heartbreaks change people; it changes different people in different ways. I’m not saying I’ll never get over it; I will, someday, maybe. From not being able even breath without him, to realizing that he can never be mine, to coming to the acceptance of the same, to regretting every effort I made, and to finally mourning about the fact that I tried, I’ve covered more than half of the distance. Now, I don’t think any love exists in me, just an accumulated mass of disgusting feelings of regret exist inside my heart, which haunts me.

How could I go to that extent? Didn’t I have respect for myself?

Actually, I did have respect for myself, a lot of respect; but my love for you was fiery, so fiery that it burned every other feeling inside me; but, when the fire started to extinguish, slowly and gradually, I was able to see things clearly. I could see myself doing everything, I shouldn’t have; and now, nothing is left except regret. Oh, love? It was long lost. Also, I don’t want love anymore. I want to walk away, get rid of all this, and never fall into this trap again. The word ‘love’ has started to create a feeling of disgust in me, filthy disgust.

I want to get out of all this, breathe fresher air, move on. I want to have the type of life where I’m not emotionally dependent on anybody, where I am all by myself, where there exists no human who has the power to hurt me in any way.

Yes, that’s what I really desire.

– Vanshita Singh

This was the best anyone could have wrote.
Vanshita, applause!



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