People do change!

They say, situations change people don’t! But today I felt, people do change. And the moment you realise that a person has changed, you also realise that you yourself have also changed.

Today a very normal incident happened. I met one very old friend of mine coincidentally.  There was a time when we were best friends. We knew all secrets all loopholes of one another. Then things changed and we drifted apart. After a long while we met. In the first instance, I was clueless about what to speak or where to stare. I didn’t  even knew if to behave like a close buddy or like some regular person or like a stranger. As we spoke, we realised we are no longer the same persons we used to be. He changed, and after that I found my change too. Both changed for the better ofcourse, but things can’t be the way they were somewhere in the past. Maybe that’s why they are termed memories. I miss them but I don’t wnt them back in my life.
This is a mature girl speaking. This is Growing up.



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