2015 has passed and we are today in the third day of 2016. 2015 in one word was a life changer. I gave JEE and then left FIITJEE and eventually my hometown too. I shifted to SRM University and started a hostel life, managing all by myself. In a constantly changing environment I made friends and co-founded my group ‘BUNKERS’ where I met some really nice peeps. Among all this somewhere I think I grew up from just any girl to someone mature and sensible. 2015 taught me a lot and I’ve tried to sum up all that here.
1.Success. If you want to succeed, there is no shortcut. Only hard work pays and a little of smart work associated with it will surely give you success. But it also taught me that, these entrances are all about 90% work and 10% luck.


2.Luck. Sadly, yes luck exists! L
3.Failures. Failures pinch you. But they change you, and that change is for the better. You meet someone inside you who is new and more enthusiastic about work.
4.Support. Family helps you, no matter how rotten you become.
5.Change. Ironically, there is only one constant, that’s change! And change may be bad or good but it’s always beautiful.
6.Friends. Old friends no matter talk less and meet sparsely but they are the one who will stand with you always, who will love you not for your money or commodities but for what you are within. Never forget or leave them for new ones.
7.Independent living. Living far from family is challenging for you need to manage the smallest of things. But one should surely live this life for some time as it teaches you to be independent for your big and small chores.
8.Money. Most importantly, it teaches you how to manage money and use it wisely.
9.Crowd. You’ll meet a bunch of people in a new place. Talk to all. Be polite to all. But don’t let everybody effect you emotionally. A little selfishness is necessary in this world to survive. You should know how to take work from people. 😉
10.Relations. Relations aren’t just made by blood. They’re made by love and care. Never consider their advice as irrelevant. [Bhai.. I love you. ❤ ]
11.The gut feeling. Every person is blessed with an intuitive power, in general words a gut feeling. Listen to it. 
12.Competition. Competition is the only truth this world has. Be ready for competitions but don’t blindly run in a rat race. As Albert Einstein said “ Never judge a fish on it’s ability to climb the tree for it will always appear an idiot.” This task is difficult, but begin the search of your race asap!
13.Happiness. Nobody on this entire earth can make you happy if you don’t want to be happy. There’s only one person responsible for your happiness. It’s you!
14.Love. Spend time with people you love to. They don’t want anything, trust me!
15.Peace vs. righteousness. Sometimes it’s better to have peace than fighting for the right.

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