A rainy day!


The street light flickers and goes off,
But still a beam is seen
Coming from the little lamp burning
Inside a room, where I live.
The rain goes a bit violent,
Pattering increases on and on.
A lightning flashes and I look up,
Thunder echoes but still I’m gazing.
A small raindrop falls on my palm!
It disturbs my gaze,
I abruptly get up and enter my room.
Things appear still the same here,
Blue socks lie in the corner untouched;
And novels peek out from book stacks.
Again a raindrop I feel!
I am surprised, I look all over,
Searching for a piece of cloud
I see nothing.
In perplexity I peek out from the nearby window,
The roads are absolutely dry.
I ask my mom about the rain.
She looks at me in pain,
Holds my hand and puts me infront of glass
I then realise,
There wasn’t a rain or a lightening
There wasn’t any thunder too
Everything is perfect.
It’s me who isn’t.
Oh! I am crying…



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