Now I feel myself to be an engineer in it’s real senses; for I consider myself wasted. It’s ironical that we as engineering students never consider ourselves as something great. Guys come on! You are here to create stuff, isn’t it too huge a compliment??

It has been one year since I started writing my blog. I am happy on it but i smile to myself on seeing that when i was technically no one i wrote far better. I wasn’t this much wasted as today. What my college gave me till now or what i snatched from it was just luxury of not doing anything. I just wanted to rome around for 10 days and give cts for the remainder of days by….  yes ‘mugging up’…  a thing which i never did in my life.

Now when i came back to my home, my room, i got reminded of all those things i did in past years when i was alone. I used to read, write, compose poems, even songs… I had that passion for giving myself the comfort i loved. Saddest part of all being that i became lazy at writing :(.  it was the only thing i was never lazy at neither dreamt of being lazy at ever.

So, after one year of starting this blog as a symbol of my passion for literature, i again get back to what i was… The book lover… The storyteller… The solitude loving person who would do the best in her nocturnal time. I want to go back to me! The real one! And I’ll….  I’ll!!!

Challenge accepted!
I start again!



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