A moment of You and Me!

Cool breeze blew past me. I was sitting silently while there was chaos all around. He was there sitting next to me wearing a sweet cute smile. I coughed a little. My throat was paining badly. He became quite tensed. The love in his heart peeped out through his eyes a little when he looked at me in pity. He took my hand in his and clasped it tightly.

Turning his face he spoke that it doesn’t feels good when I am sick. I felt like kissing him but resisted. He held my hand more tightly and it felt a little more strong. I leaned over his shoulder; his face being very close to mine but still his heart being closer. I could hear it beat… Might be for me..Might not also.

I tried to look up a little. I saw him gazing at some random spot while his hands constantly brushed my hair. I turned my head down smiling and closed my eyes. It felt peaceful. Breeze blew in the same fashion but now appeared more soothing. Now, I could even sense his breathe for he came closer. He kissed my cheek gently, gave a peck on my forehead and moved back. I smiled widely and his hands still brushed my hair. After a long while it felt being loved. I never wanted to open my eyes. I never wanted to go anywhere other than his clasp. I never wanted him to leave me. It was my heart not my mouth which spoke ‘I love you’. I realised that yes! I do! Truly! He dropped some of my hair behind my ear and I just smiled with shut eyes. Coming near he whispered ‘I love you too’! 

There was silence. Only sighs were heard… Of relief… Of love… Love that’s pure and forever!
I got apart a little to have a look at him.

I saw him…. And in his eyes.. I saw a new me!!

To the one who knows who he is.
Love u.



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