Ever since I entered SRM university NCR campus, I got to know about ‘Freedom’ in it’s real sense. Few days back, at home, I was running freely towards freedom and now, at block-A, I have a captivated freedom. I can’t observe the night sky now. How stars twinkled and my favourite star choco changed it’s position everyday. How I spotted it and glued my eyes to it’s beauty for hours for it took me back to my life’s most beautiful moments. I miss it when I can’t eat breakfast at 1pm and cook maggi at 2 am.

FREEDOM…ahh! Tough word guys. Freedom isn’t going to clubs and partying and doing all luxurious stuff. Sometimes it’s just the fresh air we breathe. Sometimes it’s just that first day when we were given permission to roam in campus. It’s just that one ice cream bought at tuesday night. It’s that one packet of real pineapple juice which came in canteen after long 2 weeks… I got to understand, what they say about freedom is wrong when they quote “more freedom would turn you into a rebellion”. What freedom actually gives is happiness. May it be 1947 or 2015. It nurtures the soul. Always!

The day you aren’t asked about the right things you do, you are free.
We all were born free. What captivated us was our mind, our perspective, to look into the world.

So, to all the people who are still in search of freedom,
If you eat sleep and wake at your own will,
If you live a life without thinking about who questions you what,
If you do what your heart feels and feel good about it,
You are free.
Don’t search for a thing you already have. Just recognise it. Just live it. Some things aren’t made to debate upon. They are just meant to be lived… Freely!



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