IIT is just another college…come on!

Roughly, only ten thousand students get selected in IIT every year. Does it means that the remaining students who worked their asses off are not intelligent? If I got 270 in BITSAT does it makes me less intelligent than the one who got 290. Absolutely not.

A great scientists Thomas Edison, while discovering a light bulb stated, “I discovered 99 ways of how to not make a light bulb.” Had he listened to the whole world and their moronic statements, I bet he would never have been able to make one. I have a lot of anger inside me right now. It’s because of this system of education, which judges a man’s brilliance over a sheet of paper. Remember how we used to fight with the teacher for half a mark. Is that of any use? Does sensibility and knowledge stand nowhere? The so called wiser would say that “Yes it has no importance just because it would not make you earn money”. If so is the case, why someone said – “Beta kaabil bano. Kaamyaabi jhak maar ke peeche aaegi.”

For those who are imagining it to be the writers state of mind, I’d clear it that NO, it’s not mine! I am satisfied with what I have for I’ve been taught to be so. But some people standing next to me have to give the proof of their intelligence and hard work to a bunch of people sometimes referred as family. Family, hahaha, it makes me laugh out loud! Family is a name collectively given to trust and companionship. It is said that when no one stays with you, your family does. But sometimes, it becomes the only thing you want to run away from. If you did not qualify for an IIT or BITS, will you be treated as a prisoner? Would you be just provided with a bed to sleep along with two squares of meal a day? Won’t you have any right to expect some love, care and concern? Wouldn’t you be allowed to talk to them just because a discussion for you is a debate for them? Is this what we call a family? NO! Rather it’s just a group of people who try to hide all the incompetence behind authority. A family is a closed wrist where one supports another and not an open palm where one finger compares itself to another.

OK, so here, my question is, who actually failed? The one who did all the efforts and still couldn’t make through it, but never stooped down, or the other people who are not able to accept a simple fact that he just could NOT. In my opinion, of course the latter for the are weak not to accept it and sit with it.

Guys, India is not the only country, B.tech is not the only option and IIT is not the only destination. There’s a lot before and after that. Can anyone guarantee me that all IITians are earning great packages?  All IITians are not successful, and all successful people are not IITians. And this is the reason why IITs are getting extremly overrated. Come on! It’s yet another college and not a job. You’ll have to study there. What IIT ensures you is a quality in everything, not a JOB. Why can’t people understand that !

Was Chetan Bhagat a fool to get into IIT Delhi and be a f***ing 9 pointer, then get into an IIM and then work as an Executive Director of a bank in some foreign country, and finally leave everyhing for his passion. No he wasn’t. People say he is overrated. He’s not. It takes courage to do so what he did. He strove to become kaabil and not kaamyaab, and finally kamyaabi jhak maar ke unke peeche aa hi gyi!!

P.S. I wish you were an S.C. dear friend! You wouldn’t have faced this much. That’s why reservation actually sucks !



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