Marriage : A topic of endless debate

Last week, I returned from my sisters marriage. In that short span of three days, I saw a women emerging out from a girl. I saw how within a single day, a girl step by step converts herself into a women. But, among this hustle and bustle of satisfying others and pleasing them, she eventually finds herself alone.

I still remember very clearly, my sister before her vidaai said, “it feels like no one is there in this world.” You can guess from this single line, what crests and troughs of emotions a girl goes through when she had to leave her home and go to an entirely new world. Old relations are bygones and new one’s aren’t yet strong. Whom to rely upon? What to do? How to handle oneself?

In this super fast world, one thing is marriage remains unchanged and is likely to remain unchanged forever. It’s a crying girl at vidaai. No matter how strong you are, you tend to cry on thinking about this unjust. A girl nurtured by her parents is allowed to leave the house one day with a stranger and what you are left with is the ‘punya of kanyadan’. If men and women are equal then still why it happens that only the girl leaves her home. Moreover she is expected to leave all the responsibilities which she has towards her parents. She has to change her name, her attire, her appreance just because now she is a bahu and not a beti. She can’t do what she feels like just because she is a bahu and ghar ki izzat.

I am leaving in the middle of this endless debate over marriage.

But still, “why only we?”



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