Judgment day is near :(

You know what’s the worst part of your life? When you are too close to your goal and you want to do what it takes to achieve it, but are unable to do so, just because you don’t have time! At that time, random thoughts haunt you, and you are compelled to understand the importance of time.

I have my JEE coming up. And there is no such day when I forget asking god for either time or strength. Just 10 days left for a thing to happen because of which I sacrificed a lot. I missed my sister’s engagement, I wasted my one year, I did what all I had never imagined I’ll do ever in my life. But still when I look back in time I have a few complaints with myself. Maybe that’s good also, because a person must never get satisfied with himself. Today when I look back in time, I just wish I had some more time to do whatever I wanted. I feel like I did waste time though i didn’t. I am very hopeful for this exam because I want to get rewarded for the amount of work I did in the past year. I want to earn what I deserve and I know what i deserve. I just want it now. I can’t afford to miss it or return empty handed.

This time is hard to handle. With every small mistake, a part of your self confidence is lost. But, I want to pierce all the negativity and shine bright in the sky. I just want what i deserve and I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it.



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