Illusion of world.

Today I saw a post on facebook which inspired me to give it a new perspective. The original post was-

Observe young lads and ladies, observe.
Observe the world around from the island you stay at alone.
Into the infinite ocean, and beyond.
Keenly and kindly observe,for few moments daily the god you pray, the nature you see, the saint you meet, the script you read, and observe,the heart that beats.

I read it and felt that, it would be indeed good to observe things around but it won’t be of any use, if it’s full of illusions…
So i commented this-

We see and see for long,
Watching becomes an observation,
But it’s all an illusion,
Of things that don’t hold good.

For if we observe lads and ladies,
They brag about things they aren’t.

For if we observe a world from an island,
It seems to be quiet but it’s not.

For if we observe the infinite ocean,
Is appears calm but sometimes gulps us.

For if we observe the God we pray,
We tend to question his presence.

The saint we meet,
The nature we see,
And the script we read,
All are full of flaws,
But they illusion us of having none!

But a heart that beats is never an illusion,
For it beats the same way for years and years,
Singing the same melody,

I would name this accidental creation as, “Illusion of world“.



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