Life- a maze and not a race!

All the world’s a stage;
And men and women merely players.

Shakespeare beautifully explained life in his own way.

But now life has become a race (as people say). But when you closely observe, it’s a maze and not a race. You never get tired because it’s long like a race, but you tend to get tired because it’s complicated like a maze! So this is my another creation out the some of many which i have published-

LIFE- A maze and not a race!

They say life is a race,
If you won’t run fast,
Others will surpass,
But for me,
It’s a maze.

Where you need no speed,
But patience and heed,
To things spoken to you,
For things blurted against you,

Where you need will,
To maintain a zeal,
Which may grow everlasting,
For when it fades,
It takes along your ambition.

Where you need friends,
To hold your hand,
But not to bear you,
On their spines.

Where you need many players,
To make this game interesting,
But you can’t let,
Anybody else win it,
For it was yours from the beginning.

Where you need tactics,
To understand it,
And play well,
Knowing it’s rules but still playing false.

Where you need to win,
At the cost of emotions,
And roll the dice of sentiments,
On your near ones.

This game isn’t easy,
For those who play it truly.
It breaks them,
It disheartens them,
And leaves them clueless,
But they’re the ones who win,
For they win experience,
Of righteousness,
But if you play it false,
It ends in losing,
Everything you had inside.



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