Love still not decoded!

Once, someone younger asked me, “di, do you know what is love?“
I answered, “yes!”
And then he continued,”So tell me what is love?”
And i was left speechless…

I had often tried to decode this word called ‘love’. I see it, i feel it, but i can’t tell what it exactly is. What I can do is to wonder, that how can a single word explain so much and still remain silent. When it comes to love, it’s the world’s biggest varied word-

To a kid-Maa! I love you.
To a shopaholic girl-Oh! I simply love this dress.
To a singer-I love the way he plays his guitar!
To a foodie-Chicken! Yummm just love it!
To brands-I’m lovin’ it!
To teens-I loved him yesterday, but today i broke up because i realized that i don’t.
To readers-I love chetan bhagat.
To travellers-I love this view. I love the silence, the peace it gives and moreover i love my camera the most!

So basically, what i realised is that, love could be between human beings, between humans and animals or between humans and things. Humans are so obsessed with the word and the feeling associated with it that they can adjust it anywhere and everywhere. Being in a state of love signifies your seriousness for a situation or a thing or a person or an animal. It represents your devotion towards that particular thing.

To love, is to worship God. But after all this, still it’s not decoded.
It will never be, for it has to remain beautiful. 😉



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