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Some days back i found a question on….. And i found some very good answers which motivated me…. Thought of sharing it with you all….

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE): How should I prepare for the upcoming IITJEE in the time left? Should I focus on my strengths (chemistry) or my weakness (physics)?

You have still got a long period dude!! nothing to worry about.
only a few points you can try out :
1.Throw aside all the other books and pick one standard set of books or coaching material. In case of confusion or to see if all the topics are there in your list use reference books
2.Always do chemistry for 2 hours if you are comfortable in it and the rest of the time devote in Physics and Mathematics.
3.Use feynman technique for Physics. It is particularly helpful to learn a lot in less time.
4.For mathematics practice as much as possible and try to think what new  type of question can be made from the question you just solved. Don’t ignore the proofs if you are aspiring for advanced.
5.Make a short term routine as long time goals are not enough to keep you motivated,like today this and this chapter,tomorrow this and that 🙂
6.On weekends revise whatever you learnt in the week and appear for tests.and do focus on time management and try to improve it with each new question tried.
** whatever i said was based on my own experience. As I dint go to any coaching class my advice may not be acceptable depending on your case**

And All the best.Study smart and chill pill 🙂

BIGGEST ADVICE: Don’t waste time on internet, especially looking for answers on Quora. Your coaching guide (if you go to one) will be the ideal person to tell you how to manage your limited time, since he would be knowing where you stand in terms of competition. If you don’t go for coaching, solving previous year papers is the best way to revise towards the end. You have the immense advantage of not giving boards, make the most of it. Always prefer non-socializing forms of recreation to relax – like music, newspaper, probably a sport, some TV, that’s ALL!

That being said, there is no fixed universal approach for cracking JEE. Since I personally was also strong at chemistry, I can give you a few suggestions for handling it and preparing at the end moment:

1. DO NOT explore new material in organic and physical, it is mostly conceptual and there’s a possibility that you would panic further since chemistry has no end to depth and confuses the hell out of us. ONLY go through the notes that you have. FOCUS mainly on inorganic at the end as that requires lot of memorization and repeated studying. I had devoted 40% of my time for physical+organic and 60 for inorganic.

2. Devote EQUAL time to ALL 3 subjects, no matter how much you dislike/like one. I can’t emphasize enough on how important this is. For a subject you like, solve more and more papers, tutorials, clarify all doubts etc. For subjects you are weak at, try to go through notes from beginning, solve AIEEE/Mains papers first, and gain confidence.

3. Give ONE test (Mains is only 3 hours I believe) DAILY in the morning. If your body clock is nocturnal, start adjusting it now itself, and make sure your mind is at its sharpest in mornings. Go through solutions, analyse your mistakes and TRY TO REMEMBER them. During the remaining day, have a decent schedule of study, split properly among the 3 subjects. From March 25 to April 5, give 2  papers DAILY! You should practically be spending 70% of your time solving and analyzing papers, and the rest for final touches and revision. The papers actually help you in touching up all topics uniformly. This will make you habituated to solving papers on SUCH A REGULAR BASIS that you won’t panic at all during the ACTUAL exam.

Also, you didn’t explain in what way you are weak at physics, but I can suggest that look for a good reference book which EXPLAINS the topics and isn’t just a question bank, like DC Pandey. Again, I’d suggest your coaching mentor will be your best help.

Final Advice: Don’t Panic! You have the advantage of going one step at a time, first mains and then advanced. Go slow, focus now JUST on mains, if you are too worried. Good Luck! Hope to see you in IITM! 🙂

You could try giving a mock test (preferaby of JEE Level) and see if you are getting the desired marks in chemistry. If you aren’t getting the marks you desire than I guess you should first bring your chemistry to the level you want to achieve and then move on to physics. Since, you have a good command over chemistry, it wont be that tough to improve it. However, if you are achieving good marks than try strenthening physics.


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