Comedy taken seriously!

We love reading jokes isn’t it? The first thing which i do every morning is to open the jokes column in newspapers and laugh to myself. But on a serious note, it’s painful to think that the jokes on husband and wife are always concentrated on how bitchy girls are! Whether it’s girlfriend or wives, these two people are shown as the most inhuman and brutal creatures you’ll ever meet.

Is it really so? Do women actually deserve it?

Can someone tell me please what actually is our fault? We don’t complain don’t demand and quietly do what it takes to make our betterhalf happy. Our mothers never boast that she does so much work for our fathers. We are happy most of the days seeing others happy but on a gloomy morning when we ask for a helping hand we never get what we deserve. Yes, we are drama queens just because we want attention. We do all the bitching just to get some affection. But, the world assigns us as irritating, nagging and what not.

Everywhere, wives are shown as dominant. Yes we are because we have to run a big organisation named ‘home’. If things have to go smoothly we have to be dominant. What we expect is love and loyalty. Nothing else. We are ready to cook meals everyday, do what is necessary and still bear the title of being nagging iff we get our share of love in this world.



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