Its quite late to comment about it but still i would want to.
So, finally i also saw AIB roast…

On verbal grounds it didn’t deserve a positive verdict for it made personal comments on those people which were not present in the show like Farida jalal, anil kapoor, sonam kapoor and many more, but along with it, what i felt like is that it didn’t deserve even a negative verdict. Basically, it doesn’t deserves any! It’s a thing to hear and laugh about because it was no serious than those cheap jokes at which we enjoy in a movie theatre. It was a show, a scripted one, and till the time it’s kept as a stress buster it is great, it’s entertaining.

I am a total patriot, but what I don’t like about india sometimes is dual character of it’s people. On the comment box of AIB knockout i read someone saying “somethings should remain in dark and that’s the beauty of india. Presenting such bold things is against our culture”. So basically what we want is to whisper the same things in each other’s ears and enjoy but if it is said loud and clear in daylight, it turns offensive.

Guys on roads in malls and almost everywhere in india so coolly speak abuses like ‘ma####od’ ‘beh#####od’ and we seem okey with it. Those guys even don’t give warning before speaking like ” hey you non 18 +,  close your ears” and it’s not even a matter of our choice. People have to listen to them whether they want or not but still it’s okey. AIB gave you a warning, plus it was your choice to open youtube and watch it!  If you don’t have a problem with guys on road speaking filthier than this, with your friends speaking much abusive around you and with yourself who speaks the same hears the same, then in my opinion you must not have any problem with AIB roast also.

Secondly, i saw one more comment like ” by speaking english you can’t act smart. Kya yaar india me rehte ho to hindi bolo”. This is also a very awkward perspective of indians that by communicating in english you try to adopt western culture. Do you know that english speaking polulation is more in india than in England. In addition, english is our second language. When it comes to taking admission people run towards English medium schools/colleges. What about now?  Another example of dual nature. ( I think maybe india is a Gemini :D)

AIB wasn’t a thumbs up for sure but it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. I truly respect what #AnushkaSharma said in it’s support that “AIB is such a small thing to discuss about. There are many more important and crucial things happening all around us in this world about which the media can create a buzz”.

In what type of a society we live? Your friend speaks abuses to you and you laugh. You aren’t offended. Someone on social media speaks the same abuses to someone else and you being nowhere in the scene get offended.



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