Happy Valentine’s day!

First of all a happy Valentine’s day to everyone who is reading my blog. This valentines was special, for the sole purpose that the one with whom i was supposed to celebrate it wasn’t here with me. He was 600 km far but still we somehow managed to to make it special. Where there is a will there is a way!!! We celebrated it independently remembering one another.

Hey mr. Perfect! I’m honoured to be in  your life and you honoured mine by being a part of it. You are the only one whom i can ever love, for you are the one who taught me what love is. Inspite of all the hurdles which life gave us in our path, we never left hands. We lept all of them together and I would love to be with you forever. I’d love to be your legally wedded wife, the mother of our kids and would one day love to die content in your arms. Happy Valentine’s day!



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