5 steps to a perfect bedroom corner!

Corners aren’t just a wasteful place of your room destined for some fancy flower pots, vases or triangular tables. Corners of your room can be converted into small beautiful private world of yours. It can prove to be a place where you can sit and relax, where you can carry forward your favourite hobbie like writing, listening movie or reading a book. So here are 5 steps which can help you build up a secret place in your room-

1. Select a corner- Look around your room and select a corner where you have practically never been much. Corners which include wardrobe or entrance door must be avoided. For me a perfect corner can be a space between wall and my bed.

2. Make choices- Think about things you like doing when you are free. It can be just one or multiple things like reading books, listening music, doing art, writing or something else.

3. Gather tools- Once you have decided what to do, gather all the things which you need like your favourite books, your ipod or laptop, your dairy, pens and absolutely whatever you feel like.
P.S. You will for sure need these things – cushions or pillows, blanket maybe if it’s cold and something like carpet on which you can sit. If the corner is bit emptier then bean bags or anything funky can be put. Don’t go for chairs please!

4. Organise– Once you have all your tools, organise your space. You have limited space so try to optimise it. Have sufficient place to sit and get up and surround yourself with things you need the most at that time.

5. Get started– Once you are done, take a glass of your favourite soft drink, sit and enjoy in your newly made space only for yourself and start exploring your room in a new fashion.

Happy revamping teens!

P.S. If you share your parents room, then take their permission first!



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