A very very Happy 66th Republic Day to all readers!  To start from where all of it started, very few know that on 19th November 1949, our constitution was ready. On 24th January 1950, it was signed and on 26th January 1950, it was finally launched. Also On 26th january 1950, the resident of viceroy was renamed as “rashtapati bhawan”.

This time more 1.25 lakhs people are witnessing the ceremony.

These is some highlights of today’s 66th republic day ceremony held at rajpath, new delhi.

Raim and fog which captured rajpath could not stop the pople from coming to rajpath to witness the ceremony. Till 9 in the morning, as shown on television, rajpath was fully occupied with people.

About 9.34, firstly our defence minister shri. Manohar arrived and payed condolences at the amar jawan jyoti to the soldiers who died in the battlefield for their nation.

Then about 9.40 our respected prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi arrived greeted by defense minister. He observed 2 minute silence at the amar jawan jyoti to pay homage to the soldiers. He also wrote something in the visitors book and left india gate moving towards rajpath.

At 9.50, prime minister shri Narendra modi arrived at the saluting base which is basically a bulletproof glass chamber. He waved to everyone for greeting him so warmly.

At 9.53, the vice president of india Mr. Muhammad Ansaari and Mrs. Salma Ansaari arrived at the saluting base greeted by honourable Narendra modi.

Finally, after a long wait the cheers became louder when around 9.55, beast was spotted proceeding towards saluting base. American president Mr. Barack Obama, who was our chief guest for the morning arrived at rajpath, along with his wife Mrs. Michelle Obama, escorted by Mr. modi and cheered by the crowd.

Around 10 ‘o’ clock, our president Mr. Pranab Mukherjee arrived at rajpath.

At 10.03, our national flag ‘The Tiranga’ was hoisted followed by our national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ and greeted by firing of 21 mortars.

The programme proceeded by the distribution of the highest bravery award of India ‘Ashoka Chakra’ (posthumous) to-
1. Late Mr. Mukund vardhrajan
2. Late Mr. Nayak neeraj kumar singh.

On this note, the parade of republic day started with the various defence troops of our country. All the regiments of Indian army, navy and air force came marching to rajpath saluting, to which they were saluted back by honourable president. For the first time ever, all the women cadets and regiments were also included in the march pass.

Tablos from the Indian army navy and air force were presented along with the newly developed war vehicles, like the tank “BHISHMA“, missiles, and air vehicles like MIG.

As the march pass ended various tablos from different states depicting their strengths came to the forefront followed by the tablos from various governmental departments. Motives like “MAKE IN INDIA”,  “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD”,  and “PRADHAN MANTRI JAN DHAN YOJNA were the main highlights.

Soon, rajpath was converted into a stage where girls and boys from many schools and colleges performed on different topics like “A CLEANER INDIA”. Folk dance was also seen.

Now came the most breathtaking part of the parade which comprised of many formations on motorbikes by the “BORDER SECURITY FORCES(BSF)”, the most difficult among them being a formation where 39 men were on 9 bikes.

Last but not the least, the R-parade ended with a magnificent showdown of MIGs, helicopters and ariel vehicles.

Obama seemed delighted and so was I.

#take pride in being an indian.



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