To Delhi,

Some months back, Mr. Narendra Modi became the prime minister of india and that time if i were to vote, i had surely pressed a NOTA. But today, tables have turned. Seeing all the slow and gradually taken steps which are moving us, the Indians,  towards achievable success are compelling me to become a part of what everyone said as the “modi wave”. He is a man of vision. He has leadership skill and a stong ability of foreseeing things and impacts of what he does today.

On the other hand, The founder of “Aam aadmi party” acronym as AAP, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, or “mufler man” is actually an aam aadmi, or a mango person who thinks good for the nation, but is never able to execute his blueprint properly. What he does seems good at that moment, but it would bring a negative impact later. He is no different from us, and people who think that it is his strength are actually not seeing that to be a C.M. or a P.M. one must think like a leader, not like a common man. He reminds me of the movie “GOD TUSSI GREAT HO” where initially when salman khan is made God things seem to be good but later brings doom because he thought like a common man and not like God.

Modi sarkar is a fine example of slow and steady wins the race! Our prime minister is working accordingly, for five long years and would surely make India a better democracy, a corruption free nation.

If now i were a resident of delhi, my vote must have gone to BJP, to its candidate kiran bedi, for she was an able IPS officer, she served the government for 37 years in the field of administration, she is well educated, has a leadership ability and is strong on her words and work. Moreover, she is a candidate of BJP and so it’s much better to have the same party in the centre as well as in the most important union territory DELHI for a good financial aid and proper development.

#this time, vote for kiran bedi.
#let the right candidate win.



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