A note to my special man!

Sometimes life takes a sharp turn, and sends the person most near and dear to you away from you. May it be emotionally or physically. That time you always think like,”why did it happen.” but at the end when you look back and examine your life, you’ll see, whatever happened it was for good.

Some years back, you were emotionally very far away, no matter physically you were near. Now you are emotionally near to me, but physically 600 km far. But seriously telling, this situation is far more better than what it was earlier. Seeing those emotionless eyes was more painful than not seeing them at all. And you know what, I looked back and found, whatever happened was actually for the good. If you hadn’t gone far , then i wouldn’t have realised how special and magical it feels to be with you. I would have never realised what you actually mean to me. I can’t survive well without you, that i know now. And how much i trust you, care for you and respect you i know it now. I have seen you grow as a person over years. You know me well and that’s why we are the one breaking a taboo that “long distance relationship don’t last long.” You are far, yet you are near. I feel you to be with me, in the form of those slangs which i speak, those clothes which i wear, those pens i carry (ya! I still have those pens which you gifted me). I feel you everywhere, I see you nowhere.

I’ll be praying for you till my last breath. It’s not cheesy, but yes! I am happy because you are happy. Your beautiful face and charming smile is the most mesmerizing thing of this world to me, for you are my only world.



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