An Unbelievable Incident!

I was very excited. It was our new year sports fiesta in our society. I was excited about the fact that we’ll meet friends, participate in games and have a delicious lunch together.

Games were nearly over, and we all were off for lunch. We had coupon system. All the residents slowly started filling their plates. Among these rich so called high class, well bred and well cultured people my eyes stopped on a man who was standing in the line wearing almost rags in this chilly winter afternoon.

I was at a distant busy with my mobile, when I heard some serious yelling by our watchman. He was accusing him of not giving the coupon and still attempting to take a plate. He in a very low voice said,” i gave the coupon to you”. From the other side what came was a slap! Yes, i am not kidding! It was indeed a slap, a very tight one given on his face by a very rich man of our society, ‘mr. Bhanu mishra,  our society’s president’.

I couldn’t control my anger and what immediately came out from my mouth was, “what kind of people are these? Shameless isn’t it! ” i felt very bad for that man. He hung his face and went out of the park. I deliberately went at that point of time to take food and very calmly just said to the watchman,”you should not have beaten him up. He came to ask for food. If you wanted you could have easily rejected it. But beating anyone was never an option”. He was left speechless.

Guys, seriously telling that day i could not eat in peace. I was in a rage all the time. He is poor, he doesn’t have good clothes to wear, good food to eat, but still he’s a human being. He’s a resident of a country named India and the government bestows all rights and duties upon him. He’s just like you. So who gave you the right to thrash him? Does his low bank balance also makes his self respect cheap? How would you feel if one day you are treated like this? All these questions haunted my mind. In addition to it, i was ashamed of our society. Of those people who were standing at that point that very time. Was finishing food so important? Or you were totally ignorant because of some silly reason that “oh boy he’s poor and he must be used to such things”. Why noone stood up to help him? Why they went dumb when one  man was showing his dominance over another. Shame upon all those people who think poor are made to be insulted. Shame!

Some minutes later…..

I saw bhanu mishra standing with his friends chit chatting.

Bhanu-“you know bhargva, i just thrashed him. He went and will never dare to come back.”

Bhargava-“hahahah…nice nice”

Later it was discovered, the poor man actually had the coupon. He was beaten for something which he deserved.




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