The vow- totally wow!

Today I saw, “The Vow” and there was one dialogue which i couldn’t forget. There was this one scene in which the protagonist ‘Paige‘ comes to know that her father had an affair with her friend and her mother knew about it. She confronts her mother to which her mother replies,

“I wanted to leave him, but then one afternoon I saw all the photographes which belonged to you and your sister. And I just couldn’t go.”

Paige, “so you just wasped it like that? “

Mom,” I forgave him. I decided to be with him for so many things what he had done right, and not to leave him for that one thing which he had done wrong.”

There are times, when we are hurt because of someone. Someone who is close, who is special! But, commiting a mistake dosen’t make you bad from inside.
We do wrong things, but it can’t make us a wrong person.

Don’t judge a person by his actions, judge him by his intentions.



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