There are many dialogues like… “i am with you, no matter i am far”… They are good, but when it comes to real world, they can’t pacify us everytime.

There are times when we need each other, physically. Times when we want to cry and need that specific shoulder. At that time, no philosophy consoles us.

Right now, there’s someone in the same situation. He is sick! Really sick. He is irritated, he is unwilling, and he wants me. To be with him, making him laugh, giving him proper care, scolding him for being careless with his health. But i ain’t with him. He is managing things single handedly. The boy who is like my baby, he is in pain and what i can do is simply nothing.

He speaks feebly, he asks me to come. He says sometimes that baby please embrace me in your arms and i promise you i’ll be ok. I just pray to god everytime i hear from him to make him well soon. Its christmas again, and as i said, i believe in santa… So santa please make him well. He deserves all the happiness not anguish.




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