God: A mythology or an energy?

Mythology is a great secret in itself. It has left the world with some stories to ponder upon. They might be true or false. They might be real or just an outcome of imagination. No one knows. The existance of God is a mystery, but still we believe on him. Every person living on this earth believes on his presence in some or the other way. Now, may it be rama, krishna, hanuman, sita, vishnu, shiv or any other God of Hindu culture or Jesus and mother mary of christian culture.

It’s christmas within some days and people would be celebrating. They would be singing carols, baking rum cakes and giving gifts dressing themselves as “Santa“. Yes, another mythological man. Does he exist? Like others i also dont know, but like others, i do believe that yes he’s there and he gives us what we wish for. Let me tell u why…

Three years back, i was standing on my terrace. It was cold. The date was 24th of december 2011. I was tired of my life. I wanted something to happen. Maybe, a miracle which would return me my friend, A friend who went far and made me die a thousand deaths. I could see him, hear him but could not approach him. He hadn’t talked to me since 2 years. I don’t know what triggered me. I bought a paper and a pen. I wrote what my heart wishes for. It was somewhat like …
“hey santa, its christmas and I would like you to bless everyone in my life with whatever they want. Give all my friends what they crave for. Make them happy and return them all what they have lost. Give them love, health and happiness. And at the end if u aren’t boared, just return him to me. Please..i miss him”

I wrote it read it aloud and kept it inside my diary. I felt somewhat stupid to do it. Miracles don’t happen. I opened facebook. I inboxed him “merry christmas 🙂 ” but i wasn’t expecting a reply as his id was dormant since 10 months.

Next day, i woke up. I opened fb. It had one msg, “same to you” from that man and some more words. I went mad. He asked me to talk to him. From that day onwards i believe that santa exists. After that day, we started talking and now it has been 3 years since i am in a relationship with that man!!!!

So, from that day onwards i started believing more evediently that a power exists, which controls all. Which sees a persons karma and rewards or punishes him accordingly. But for sure, there’s a power devoid of all shapes and sizes. Its a ruling energy!



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